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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

how to make 12'000 online easy

At first an online marketing career is sometimes very diffacult, not because of the work you do but because many marketers tend to give up if the money doesn't start to floClick Here!w in the first few weeks. This is actually the biggest and most common mistake beginners make and this is the reason why most people never make money on the internet.Many of my subscribers usually ask me how much money I'm making because some of them are not making enough money to cover their monthly expenses. In fact I'm making over $15,000 /month.Click Here!a A lot of money can be made on the internet but the newbie's shouldn't take it the way many of them take it; they should take it like a real business.Here's how it really goes, You start slow, then you make a little bit of cash a week, then rinse and repeat and you make a little bit more, and you go building your business and the number of sites you own and so on. Then your income will start increasing slowly and steady Cash will not pour into your bank account like magic and you can't spend every dollar you make on bills. You need to grow your business by re-investing what you make. That is the reason so many people fail on the internet, they think about the internet as an ATM machine and if they don't see money flowing in the first few weeks they give up.If you, as a beginner, are bringing $200 a week with one niche only,Click Here! and you know how to do it, then you rinse and repeat, make another one, and then 2 more and so on. Yes, it is that easy. Then you start selling your websites, one site making $1,000 a month is worth $12,000 to $15,000, which is 12 to 15 times your monthly revenue.What I do is this; I sell my oldest site and build a new one every month, this way I always have the same number of sites on my portfolio, and there's no reason you can't do the same. But at the beginning you have to re-invest your profits in order to grow.You will learn something new every day and you will get better at what you do and will make more and more money, but you have to be persistent and don't give up because getting past the beginner stage is the hardest part, once you see the money coming you will never get out of internet marketing.Be creative and as you learn, you will come up with your own twist for every strategy you learn and you will make it more profitable and will have a lot of fun in the process, because believe me, you will have fun. And once you have other people doing everything for you your business is basically on autopilot. That is why it is important to outsource.I know guys making over $100,000 every month with affiliate marketing and they are not better than I am, they just got started before I did, but with time and effort I know I will be there too. Just don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed with information. Focus in only one system and one strategy at a time until you make it work for you and then move to the next one and so on.Click Here!a About the Author:Learning is one of the most important things you can do to start earning money with affiliate marketing.Click Here!